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The most up to date, cutting edge VIP training you will find anywhere


The Direct Action Group PSD / VIP course maximizes your proficiency by providing a blend of range work, classroom, and multiple venue final training exercise. These all encompassing skill sets are critical for both Protective Services Details and VIP Protection missions. Our cadre has worked on a vast amount of Protective Details over the last several decades, military, and law enforcement personnel across the U.S. and worldwide. This training module encompasses a wide variety of essential skills for personnel operating on a protective detail, and is regarded as one of the best short duration courses in the U.S. We have worked VIP details in the most high-risk areas of the world, and we promise to give you the most up to date, cutting edge VIP training you will find anywhere.

*** Course objectives are found below.  Please note that military, law enforcement, and mission / client specific classes vary slightly in course objectives based on operational need and threat level.

5 Day – $975

Course Objective

  • Extensive Live Fire Counter Attack Drills
  • Organization of a Protective Detail
  • Walking Drills
  • Close Protection Drills
  • Advance Work
  • Explosive Device Recognition
  • Overseas Travel
  • Travel Security
  • Estate / Compound Security
  • Motorcade Procedures
  • Embuss / Debuss Procedures
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Counter Ambush Drills
  • Final Training Exercise

Equipment Requirements

  1. Handgun & holster
  2. 3 Magazines minimum
  3. Ammunitions – 500 rounds
  4. BDU’S or other normal dress for the range
  5. Concealment Garment (Like BDU Top)
  6. Concealment Holster (recommended)
  7. Body armor
  8. One suit & tie or sports coat & slacks with tie (For FTX)
  9. Flashlight
  10. Handcuffs
  11. Folding knife
  12. Eye / Ear Protection
  13. Recommended but not required – Laptop / GPS

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PSD / VIP / Executive Protection Nov 19 - 23 Los Angeles, CA

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