General Information 


Start Time:
All Military, Law Enforcement & MTT classes start at 08:00.
All SoCal and NorCal start at 08:30.
We recommend arriving 30 minutes early to get set up.  Always check travel times and road conditions to ensure timely arrival.

**If you miss the safety brief we may not be able to allow you to participate in class.

What to expect during a day of training:
Expect a busy day to maximize your training and investment.  We don’t leave the training site for lunch or for any reason for safety factors and the tempo of the training day.

Lunch & Water:
Most training areas are somewhat remote and lack food venues.  Make sure you bring enough food and water to last for the training day.  We do give short breaks throughout the day but we do not take an extended lunch break.

*We do not leave the range for a lunch break*

Appropriate Attire:
We recommend range attire consisting of your military or law enforcement uniform, or long pants, short or long sleeve shirt, sturdy footwear, and any additional clothing as required.  

We do not recommend jeans on hot training days, BDU or cargo type pants are much cooler.  Shorts / open footwear are not authorized due to the nature of training.

Weather Conditions:
Please check the weather conditions for your training location and bring appropriate attire.  Most classes are held outdoors, where we spend the majority of the training day.

Eye / Ear Protection:
Safety equipment should meet industry norms.  We recommend Edge Eyewear for safety glasses and Howard Leight for ear protection.

Can I bring someone to watch:
Only paying students can attend.


What if there is an emergency:
Our cadre are trained in pre-hospital trauma care, we will do everything in our power to help you during any medical emergency until higher medical authority arrives.  If you have any specific requests or concerns feel free to email us.



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