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Tactical Course for Military & Law Enforcement Trainers


The CQB and Tactics Instructor course has been designed to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement and military tactical instructors. For the last 20 years DAG has earned an unsurpassed reputation for the ability to transmit information effectively and get the utmost from the students potential.

We will give you the tools needed to deliver the clearest, most concise and effective periods of tactical instruction for your team. Subjects will include extensive live fire drills with Pistol, Rifle, Two Man Team Tactics and full team CQB. Students will be graded on their weapons proficiency in addition to their ability to present tactical periods of instruction. This course is a must for LEO range masters, tactical team members and military instructors.

3 Day – $900.00

Course Objective

Organized and Proper Safety Briefs
Instilling Command Presence
Effective Communication
Close Quarter Tactical Shooting – Pistol
Close/Mid Range Tactical Shooting – Rifle or SMG
Two Man Team Tactics
Close Quarter Battle / Room Combat
Syllabus Construction
Managing Timelines
MED EVAC Procedures

Equipment Requirements

  1. Handgun and full duty gear
  2. Rifle / Carbine or SMG with sling
  3. Three magazines minimum each
  4. Ammunition – 500 pistol and 300 rifle rounds
  5. Body armor
  6. Eye and ear protection
  7. Notebook and Pen

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CQB/Tactics Instructor* May 21 - 24 Los Angeles, CA

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