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Tactical Pistol level 3 is an advanced shooting program that will challenge students of all skill levels. You’ll be introduced to many advanced shooting techniques, and shooting at greater distances to increase your confidence and abilities.

This course also incorporates “contact range fire” to learn shooting techniques for close confrontations. Tactical pistol 3 features a written exam and at the conclusion of the course you’ll also have an opportunity to shoot our scored evaluation to test your skill. A 40 hour certificate is issued for students completing the tactical pistol program (levels 1, 2 &3).

2 Days – $450

Course Objective

Contact Range Fire
Supine Fire
Target Discretion drills
Judgment Drills
Weak Hand Fire
Weak Hand Reloads
Obstacle and Barricade Shooting
Shift / Failure to Stop Drills
5-25 yard Scored Evaluation
Written Exam

Equipment Requirements

  1. Primary pistol
  2. 600 rounds ammunition
  3. Holster
  4. Two spare magazines minimum
  5. Body armor (available for rent)
  6. Eye & ear protection
  7. Notebook & pen

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Tactical Pistol 3 Jul 06 - 07 Los Angeles, CA

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