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The SWAT Operations and Tactics course has been formatted to offer a wide variety of specialized tactics, techniques and procedures for today’s SWAT officer. This is a hands on program with very little classroom lecture involved. This course will present optimum trigger time and tactical scenarios for the students.

5 Day – $900.00

Course Objective

Weapons Enhancement Training – Pistol/Long Gun
Close Quarter Battle Shooting – Pistol/Long Gun
Refinement of Individual Skills
Verbal Communication
Two Man Team Tactics
CQB Theory / Practical Application
Full Team Dynamic Structure Clearing
Ballistic Shield Tactics
Covert Entry for Barricaded Subjects
Deployment of Flashbangs
Low Light Battle (Where applicable)
Open Field Formations
Immediate Action Drills for Contact
Casualty Evacuation Drills
Vehicle Assaults
Target Intelligence Gathering
Mechanical and Explosive Breaching Overview – (Theory and Practical Application where applicable)
Operation Orders
Operational Planning
Post Assault Procedures
FTX Scenario (Where applicable)

Equipment Requirements

  1. Rifle with Sling – Full Call Out
  2. Magazine Load
  3. Pistol with Hip or Leg Holster – All Magazines
  4. Body Armor (Helmet & Full Kit – Optional)
  5. Gas Mask
  6. Flashlight
  7. Eye Protection
  8. Note Taking Gear
  9. Long Gun – 400 rounds per man
  10. Pistol – 500 rounds per man
  11. Two Flash Bangs (Recommended but not required)

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