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Instructor Max Joseph

MAX JOSEPH | Training Director

Max is the founder and training director of TFTT Direct Action Group. Max has been involved in Special Operations and training non-stop for the last 34 years.

He has trained and worked with Counter-Terrorist officers and troops from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America.

In addition to running TFTT/Direct Action Group full time, Max also proudly served as the Senior Instructor for the Tactical Explosive Entry School both in the United States and Brazil.

He is recognized as a subject matter expert in explosives for Tactical Breaching and other Special Operations.

Max also has extensive experience in Executive Protection and has worked details in Central America, South America, Eastern Europe and Afghanistan.

He is currently still operational in several capacities both in and out of CONUS. His qualifications include:

  • Founder/Director TFTT/Direct Action Group
  • Senior Instructor – Tactical Explosive Entry School USA/Brazil
  • Instructor U.S. Dept. of State Anti-Terrorism Program (20 Years)
  • Seven Years Marine Corps
  • Reconnaissance Companies (SGT.)
  • Graduate USMC Scout Sniper
  • Instructor School
  • US Army Ranger / Airborne
  • USN Survival / Evasion / Resistance / Escape School
  • BSR Anti – Terrorist Driving School
  • SPIE / Rappel Master Instructor
  • Reconnaissance Indoctrination Program Instructor
  • Diplomatic Security Consultant
  • Writer for several Military / Police Publications
Instructor Tim Scarrott

TIM SCARROTT | Senior Instructor

Tim is a US Army combat veteran, former police officer, corporate consultant, and expert in violence and active shooter.

Tim has worked with hundreds of military and law enforcement personnel throughout the US and has served as a guest instructor and guest speaker at various SWAT conferences.

He served as a full time police officer for 13 years in northern California with experience in patrol, investigations, SVU, violence suppression and various other assignments.

Tim served 6 years in the 1-184 Nightstalker Battalion, recon / scout platoon, and recruit instructor.

He served a combat tour to Iraq in 2005 conducting counter insurgent operations, capturing HVT’s, gathering ISR, and working with NSW and ODA components.

From an operational standpoint, Tim is 2IC at DAG.


Tim is a publications author, responsible for development of instructor curriculum and course material, negotiations, partnering company initiatives, research, marketing, sales, logistics and public relations. Qualifications include:

  • 19 Years DAG Instructor
  • Publications Author / Guest Instructor / Guest Speaker
  • US Army Infantry / Recon – Scout Platoon
  • US Army CIB / SDM / CLS / PMI / BRM Instructor / MOUT / CQB Instructor
  • Henderson Defense Foreign Weapons course
  • Certified Explosive Handler / Explosive Breacher (TEES)
  • Expert counter IED tactics
  • Multiple Law Enforcement Training Courses
  • CAEMSA TCCC Instructor
  • Certified Range Master / DOJ Firearms Instructor
  • Expert in Violence & Active Shooter Risk Mitigation

TONY C | Instructor

Tony is a police Sergeant in Southern California for 21 years, and currently a SWAT Team Leader with 16 years SWAT experience. He has supervised his department’s Major Narcotics Team, Detective Bureau, Patrol, Canine Unit, investigations, and other assignments.

Tony is a lifelong martial artist with 33 years of experience, earning 10 black belt rankings, inducted in 2006 into the martial arts Master’s Hall of Fame and in 2011 to the USA martial arts Hall of Fame as Tactical Trainer of the year.

He has taught in Germany, France, and across the United States, and at the West Point Military Academy.

Tony is a California POST firearms, submachine gun, and defensive tactics instructor, and has developed curriculum for arrest & control, and integrated tactical combatives programs. Tony is a publications author, and Use of Force subject matter expert. Qualifications include:

  • 21 years law enforcement
  • 16 years SWAT / SWAT Team Leader
  • CA POST Firearms/Sub-Gun / Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • NTOA & CA POST Diversionary Device Instructor
  • Use of Force Subject Matter Expert
  • Black Belt Masters Hall of Fame / Tactical Trainer of the Year
  • Published author of several martial arts/tactics articles
  • Creator of several POST certified arrest and control courses
  • Combat Conditioning Instructor
  • Founder of Cortina Training Association (non-profit organization)

JOEL BATEMAN | Instructor

Joel is a US Navy veteran and has served as a police officer for 23 years in south eastern Wisconsin. 

He has been a Detective for 14 years with 21 years SWAT experience, and 12 years as SWAT team leader.   Joel is a certified instructor and Use of Force instructor with the State of Wisconsin holding over 30 instructor certifications.  Disciplines include Defense and Arrest Tactics, Firearms, Vehicle Contacts, Combatives, and Tactical Response. 

Joel is both an instructor and has operational experience in high level active shooter response.  He is a multiple course graduate of Tactical Explosive Entry School and Blauer Tactical Systems. 

Joel is also a publications author, guest instructor, guest speaker, and Use of Force subject matter expert. 

Qualifications include:

  • United States Navy-Surface Rescue Swimmer, shipboard Security Alert Team
  • TEES / TFTT / DAG / Blauer Tactical- multiple course graduate
  • Certified Explosive Handler / Explosive Breacher (TEES)
  • LSU Academy of Counterterrorist Education – WMD & Tactical Operations
  • Certified State of Wisconsin Use of Force Instructor
  • Instructor certifications: Defense and Arrest Tactics, Firearms, Vehicle Contacts, and
  • Tactical Response, Officer Survival, Advanced Patrol Techniques, and
  • Patrol Response to Violent School Incidents instructor, CQB/Simulations Instructor
  • Martial Arts and Combatives Experience- Ground Combatives
  • Tactical Weapon Control, and Edged Weapon Defense

PETE FORBES | Instructor

Pete is a dual citizen of the United States and New Zealand and has over 10 years of law enforcement experience.  He is currently deployed as a Worldwide Protective Services Contractor (DDM/PSS) working as a member of a team providing diplomatic security on high threat projects in Afghanistan. 

Pete was previously a full-time Sheriff’s Deputy in Wisconsin and a member of a Level 1 ALERRT Regional SWAT team.  He is a certified Explosive, Thermal, Ballistic, and Mechanical Breacher in addition to an entry team assaulter, and sniper team leader.  Pete has supported DAG by coordinating numerous training seminars for law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin. 

He received a “Commanders Award” in 2013 and the SWAT Valor Award & SWAT Officer of the Year-Wisconsin (2014).  Qualifications include:


  • WPS-DDM/ERT/PSS Certified, 2 years’ experience
  • 10 years Law Enforcement Experience
  • Level 1 ALERRT Regional SWAT team / NTOA –Tactical Team Leader
  • Certified Explosive Handler / Explosive Breacher (TEES)
  • TEES Mechanical, Ballistic and Thermal Breacher
  • DAG / TFTT / TEES / LFI Multiple Course Grad
  • FBI Basic Sniper – Great Lakes Naval Training
  • Firearms instructor, multiple weapons expertise, CQB instructor
  • Operational Experience High Risk Warrants, Barricaded Subjects and Hostage Situations
  • Background in Muay Thai and Boxing

JOHN TAYLOR | Instructor

John is a USMC veteran and has served as a police officer for 20 years in Southern California.  He has 11 years of experience with his department’s tactical team and is currently an Element Leader. 

He has worked a variety of assignments in high crime areas and has extensive knowledge in tactics, use of force, and firearms. 

John is currently the lead firearms instructor for his department, and a certified advanced armorer.  He has testified as a firearms expert and he is a certified instructor in multiple firearms, tactics, active shooter, breaching, and Visit Board Search & Seizure (VBSS) Operations. 

John has extensive subject matter expertise in mechanical breaching and has developed breaching course programs.  John is a publications author, and Use of Force subject matter expert.  Qualifications include:

  • USMC Veteran
  • Over 20 years of Law Enforcement Experience
  • 11 years experience Department Tactical Team
  • CA POST Firearms Instructor (pistol, shotgun, rifle)
  • CA POST Diversionary Device & Less Lethal Munitions Instructor
  • Tactics / firearms / VBSS / CQB / Active Shooter Instructor
  • Mechanical & Ballistic Breaching Instructor,
  • Advanced Armorer
  • Certified Explosive Handler / Explosive Breacher (TEES)
  • Subject Matter Expert in Firearms & Use of Force

ROMAN FISHER | Instructor

Roman has over 10 years Executive Protection experience.

Deployed to Iraq as a Protective Services Contractor / mobile team leader, he currently works on a high level VIP / PSD detail. 

Roman has conducted extensive DAG operations supporting ongoing DoD contract training and overseeing all aspects of supply and logistics for multiple week courses. 

He is an instructor for rifle, pistol, and tactics courses. 

Roman is also responsible for DAG client contacts, research, marketing, and public relations. 

His qualifications include:

  • 10 years Executive Protection experience
  • Overseas PSD experience
  • Overseas Mobile Security Team Leader
  • Rifle, pistol, shotgun instructor
  • TCCC certified
  • DAG Marketing Director
  • DAG PR / Public Relations

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