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Military / Special Ops / LE Courses

Even when you’re a seasoned professional, it’s important to continually learn, improve, & stay sharp. Our unique military and law enforcement training courses will help you gain a competitive edge.

Civilian / Security Courses

Whether you’ve had some training or are just getting started, we offer excellent one day courses to help you improve confidence, firearm proficiency, accuracy, and overall safety.

Gain Elite Military, Law Enforcement, & Security Training Experience

Direct Action Group provides the highest level of cutting edge instruction in the most up to date and progressive firearms skills and tactics for military, law enforcement and private sector personnel. Our programs set industry standards for realism, safety, skill progression and unit cohesion. Whether you are a new officer on the job, seasoned warfighter or civilian shooter, these programs will enhance your existing skill set.

Pistol Courses

Several monthly pistol courses to improve your close range handgun techniques.

Long Gun Courses

Expert rifle & shotgun courses from the best trainers in the country. Limited space available, sign up today.

Tactics Group

Combat Arts. VIP Protection. TCCC. Vehicle Engagement Tactics. TTPs used by miltary units & police departments.

Military & Law Enforcement

Every instructor has a large body of work  to ensure you learn proven tactics that work in the real world.

Special Events

Symposiums, special workshops, networking events, combat matches, BBQs & more.

Women's Courses

At DAG, we appreciate the effort it will take to make it. Learn firearms with other women on a path for success.

Tactical Training in Action




Why Choose DAG for your tactical training:

  • Nearly 3 decades of experience
  • Top tier instructors
  • Trusted by elite military units and law enforcement around the globe



In this video we cover:

  • Latest techniques for military, law enforcement, & VIP security
  • Position SUL
  • Mistakes even PROs can make


  • Byron Rodgers: Well known Executive Protection professional, talks with Max Joseph in depth about the EP world
  • “I was encouraged to train with [Max] through a very high-end botique private security company”
  • “I really appreciated his training because it not only covered the hard skills of Executive Protection, but it also covered the soft skills very accurately”


Proven Methods

for Police | Military | VIP Security | Personal Protection

About DAG Tactical Firearms Training

Direct Action Group was founded in 1990 by Max Joseph, a USMC Recon veteran, weapon and tactics instructor, and worldwide VIP protection specialist. DAG has forged ahead for 3 decades by developing the most modernized tactics, techniques and procedures available for the military, law enforcement and private sector. Max oversees an instructor cadre of world class instructors who all possess extensive backgrounds within the military, law enforcement, EMS, special operations, and global security. You will not find a more experienced group of instructors.

While our primary focus is within the military and law enforcement community, DAG also hosts many open enrollment courses for qualified civilian personnel.  Our programs are conducted at our northern and southern California locations and facilities across the United States. We guarantee that you will encounter the highest level of professionalism on all of our courses and that the skills you learn will greatly enhance your operational capabilities.

Please feel free to review our website, watch our videos, and contact us at any time – and we’ll see you on the range!

Our Trusted Partners

Direct Action Group is proud to align with organizations as strategic partners. These are industry leading companies with the highest quality products and customer service. We use, endorse, and recommend these companies and their products on and off the range! Select the links below to infil their websites!

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Custom Tactics Training Courses

Our Place…or Yours

Mobile Training at your location!  Suitable training locations include:

  • military training locations
  • Law Enforcement Training facilities
  • Certified Firing Range
  • Suitable Private Property

“We’ve found the courses to be demanding, informational, engaging, and practical in regards to some of the high risk situations that we may encounter.”  – Beloit Police Dep’t

In October 2014 Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Office held a High Risk Operator School that was instructed by TFTT/DAG.  The primary instructor was Max Joseph.  This HRO School exceeded the expectations of the Sheriff’s Office personnel.  In the curriculum taught there was instruction on Two Man Team tactics, Room Combat, PSD, Vehicle Assaults and Patrolling.  The Two Man Team Tactics in my opinion is a subject all patrol officers need not just the tactical operators.  The whole course of instruction made the officers of the Sheriff’s Office better tactical operators, patrol officers and safer all the way around.  The instructor Max Joseph is a no nonsense instructor.  All practical drills done with live fire are done in the safest manner at all times.  His delivery of the information is made to where all involved will understand the lesson.  This is top notch training.  The Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Office will host another course of instruction with TFTT/DAG.

J.Dale Butler

Deaf Smith County Sheriff

“From rookies to experienced operators, DAG/TFTT training will markedly improve the capabilities and confidence of your agency’s personnel. Max’s effective methods and tactics, coupled with a strong safety focus, will result in a high degree of uniformity across your agency. The common feature across all DAG/TFTT training is a core philosophy that will change your agency’s firearms culture for the better.”

John M. Ray, PhD

Executive Chief Deputy, Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

TFTT/DAG has been the primary organization we’ve used to equip our men with the combat skills necessary to operate in the current conflicts.  The training has allow our troops to conduct their field craft as Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators in hostile environments with the confidence that they can engage the enemy at any time.  Over the years of training with TFTT, our teams have transitioned into true combat enablers with the ability to reduce hazardous devices while simultaneously aiding our supported elements with combating the enemy – the skills you have provided this unit have been put to the test countless times in both conflicts.

MSgt David Pinkham

Scott AFB Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team

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