DAG Night Shoot Course


A classroom + field firearms course to help equip you for the reality of night altercations.


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Night Shoot Course Training

More than 80% of lethal force encounters occur during darkness or other low light conditions. One would think that training would reflect these statistics. That is far from the case. Live fire training during daylight or other full light conditions differ greatly from Low Light Battle.

It is essential for your survivability to be aware of these differences.

Course Objectives:

• Brief Daylight Live Fire Warmup
• EENT Fire (End of Evening Nautical Twilight)
• Brief History of Low Light Battle
• Fire/Flare Drills
• Fore Lit /Back Lit Illumination
• Tactical Use of White Light
• Room Clearing with White Light
• Combat Courses of Fire Incorporating All

Course Requirements:

1. Pistol / Normal Load Out
2. 250 Rounds
3. Handheld Light
4. Pistol Mounted Light (Not Required but if you have it bring it)
5. Body Armor (DAG has available if you do not own)
6. Eye/Ears
7. Snacks and Hydration
8. Dress for the Weather – We Train Rain or Shine

Start Time – Depends on time of year. It’s usually 3:00 PM – call the DAG office the week of the course for exact start time.

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