The Advanced Pistol Operator Course (APOC) is designed to be the highest augmentation for operators who carry a pistol in high risk environments. This is a high level course that will challenge you regardless of your prior training elsewhere. This is a Combat Survival Pistol course that is designed for those who are fit, and have proven their skills with prior training. You don’t want to miss this one! 30 hour Certificate provided upon successful completion.

Prerequisites: DAG Tactical Pistol Level 3 course or other 40 hour course from a recognized agency/facility.

3 – Day  $600.00

Course Objective
  • DAG’s 5 Stages of Escalation
  • Target Discretion drills
  • Judgment Drills
  • Weak Hand Fire / Reloads
  • Obstacle and Barricade Shooting
  • Contact Range Fire
  • Shift / Failure to Stop Drills
  • Dynamic Movement to Cover
  • Infliction of Simulated Wounds
  • Shooting from Unorthodox Positions
  • Fighting from Vehicles
  • Extended Range Fire
  • Prone Fire
  • Clearing Rooms/Hallways
  • Weapons Recovery and Employment
  • Firing In Pairs
  • Shooting with Dynamic Movement
  • Mindset of Receiving Wounds – Carrying onthe Fight!
Equipment Requirements
  1. Pistol with magazines and duty gear
  2. 600 rounds pistol ammunition
  3.  Eye/Ear Protection
  4.  Flashlight / Clear Eye Protection
  5.  Notebook / Pen or Pencil
  6.  Body Armor Required

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