The level of violent incidents encountered by US Law Enforcement has never been greater. The tactical sophistication demonstrated by Islamic Terrorist groups, Drug Cartel operatives and other hardcore offenders is clearly on the rise. Past incidents demonstrate that these crisis events can only be successfully terminated using a combination of enhanced SWAT and military tactics. This course has been specially formatted by request and it encompasses a wide variety of Police and War fighter skill sets. The intensity of training programs conducted by Max Joseph and DAG is recognized internationally and this training course will definitely meet that standard. This is a hands on program with very little classroom lecture involved. This course will present optimum trigger time and tactical scenarios for the students.

4 – Day  $800.00

Course Objective
  • Weapons Enhancement Training – Pistol/Long Gun
  • Close Quarter Battle Shooting – Pistol/Long Gun
  • Refinement of Individual Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Two Man Team Tactics
  • CQB Theory / Practical Application
  • Full Team Dynamic Structure Clearing
  • Deployment of Flashbangs
  • Mechanical and Explosive Breaching Overview (Theory and Practical Application where applicable)
  • Post Assault Procedures
  • Open Field Formations
  • Immediate Action Drills for Contact
  • Battlefield Envelopments
  • Combat Medic Skills
  • Casualty Evacuation Drills (Foot/Vehicle)
  • VIP Close Protection Drills
  • Vehicle Motorcade Movements
  • PSD Attack on Principle Drills
  • Vehicle Break Contact Drills
  • Vehicle Evacuation Drills
  • Vehicle Assaults
  • Live Fire Moving Engagements (Foot/Vehicle)
  • IED Awareness
  • FTX Scenario (Where applicable)
Equipment Requirements
  1. Rifle or SMG with Sling -4 Magazines
  2. Pistol with Hip or Leg Holster – 4 Magazines
  3. Body Armor (Helmet & Full Kit – Optional)
  4. Eye Protection/Ear Protection
  5. Note Taking Gear
  6. Long Gun – 300 rounds
  7. Pistol – 700 rounds
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