Direct Action Group provides the highest level of cutting edge instruction in the most up to date and progressive firearms skills and tactics for military, law enforcement and private sector personnel. Our programs set industry standards for realism, safety, skill progression and unit cohesiveness. Whether you are a new officer on the job, seasoned warfighter or civilian shooter, these programs will enhance your existing skill.

Direct Action Group was founded in 1990 by Max Joseph, a Marine Recon veteran, instructor, and worldwide VIP protection specialist. DAG has remained in business for nearly 3 decades by developing the most modernized tactics, techniques and procedures available for the military, law enforcement and private sector. Max oversees an instructor cadre of world class instructors who all possess extensive backgrounds within the military, law enforcement, EMS, special operations, and global security. You will not find a more experienced group of instructors.

While our primary focus is within the military and law enforcement community, DAG does host “open enrollment” courses available for all qualified personnel. Our programs are conducted at our northern and southern California locations or at your facility. We guarantee that you will encounter the highest level of professionalism on all of our courses and that the skills you learn will greatly enhance your operational effectiveness.

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