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Enhanced First Aid / Tactical First Aid or “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” encompasses the techniques, training, and equipment used to render lifesaving medical aid to victims of violent injury.  The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) has recognized the advancement of casualty treatment by the military with national implementation of simple methods of treatment and equipment readily available for law enforcement, EMS and even “bystander first responders.”  These courses are California Emergency Medical Services Authority approved.


If you are a police officer, security officer, CCW / every day carry “EDC”, or want, or need to enhance your existing first aid training, this course is for you.


We supply the TCCC equipment for the course.  However, having your own IFAK increases your experience and familiarity with your equipment which can be a life saving advantage.  Don’t worry, you won’t use any expendable items from your kit.  We highly recommend North American Rescue products and we recommend the NAR INTERMEDIATE BLEEDER CONTROL KIT:


4 Hour Course – $100 (California EMSA approved, 4 CE hour cert)

1 Day – $225 (California EMSA approved AB1598 with Active Shooter integration, 8 CE hour cert)

2 Day – $450 (California EMSA approved AB1598 with Active Shooter integration, 16 CE hour cert)

Course Objective

  • Identify and treat the leading causes of preventable death
  • TCCC history, terminology, methodology
  • Treatment of violent injuries
  • The “Individual First Aid Kit” or “IFAK”
  • Use of enhanced first aid equipment
  • Extensive individual drills
  • Live fire / active shooter courses vary by course, see additional information above.

Equipment Requirements

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) highly recommended, NAR Intermediate Bleeder Control Kit

Equipment Requirements

Live Fire / Active Shooter Course


  1. Primary pistol
  2. 300 rounds ammunition
  3. Holster 
  4. Two spare magazines minimum
  5. Body armor (available for rent)
  6. Eye & ear protection
  7. Notebook & pen
  8. Rifle is optional – 100 rounds of ammunition & sling
  9. For law enforcement – shields are optional

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