The combat shotgun is a powerful multi-use weapon, creating significant tactical advantages when properly deployed.  The shotgun is also one of the least understood weapons in the inventory.  In our experience shotguns can be deployed with a high degree of accuracy most shooters don’t think is possible.  Shotguns are the most powerful and reliable stopper within the effective range of the operator, weapon, and with proper ammunition selection.  Combat shotguns are employed by military, law enforcement, and private sector personnel across the world.  This course increases your skill and confidence regardless of your current level of training. 

1 – Day  $225.00

Departments & Military units contact us for rates.

Course Objective
  • Ammunition Options / Shot Patterning
  • Surgical Shooting
  • Presentation Drills
  • Vehicle Deployments
  • Close Quarter Shooting
  • Weapons Retention
  • Transition Drills
  • Ballistics and Penetration Drills
Equipment Requirements
  1. Pump or semi-auto shotgun with sling
  2. Shell carrier (belt or weapon mounted)
  3. Ammunition – 150 rounds birdshot, 20 rounds 00 buck, 20 rounds slug
  4. Body armor
  5. Eye & ear protection
  6. Notebook & pen

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