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Professional Links

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]TEES Brazil  www.teesbrazil.com.br

TTPOA  www.ttpoa.org

National Rifle Association  www.nra.org[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


PDF_Icon  Realistic_Range_Requirements
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PDF_Icon  Vehicle_Engagement_Tactics
PDF_Icon  5_Stages_of_Escalation
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PDF_Icon  Doors_and_Corners_for_the_Two_Man_Team
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After Action Reports

PDF_Icon  Two Officer Team Tactics QPUE Journal 2012
PDF_Icon  TFTT Training After Action Report
PDF_Icon  CQBTI_1_2011
PDF_Icon  SheboyganPD_SOAT_AAR
PDF_Icon  Longview_2MTT_AAR_Feb09
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Q – Can I pay by credit card?

A – Yes. You may call the TFTT/DAG office during business hours and register using your Visa or MC credit card.

Q – Can TFTT provide Body Armor?

A – Yes. Body Armor is mandatory on all TFTT/DAG live fire courses. We can provide your body armor for the fee of $10.00 per day.

Q – Is lunch provided?

A – No. You need to bring your own chow and water. We do not take a formal lunch break, so you will not need much food. Bring something light that you can munch on throughout the day such as trail mix, and power bars. Always bring plenty of fluids. Hydration is a critical part of our training tempo.

Q – Can I ship my ammo out ahead of time?

A – Yes. You may ship any ammo and or equipment to the TFTT/DAG office. Make sure your name is clearly marked on the box. We will hold this for you until your arrival. Here is the address:
16835 Algonquin St. #120
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Q – Can I bring out my M4 or AK to California for your classes?

A – Absolutely. The California “Assault Weapons” ban only applies to California residents. If you are coming out for a sanctioned Training or Competition Event you will have no issues. To be safe, you may want to print off the Course Description from the TFTT web site and have that with you as an added documentation.

Q – Do you go on the road for Mobile Training Team blocks?

A –Yes. Our MTT’s constitute a big part of the training missions that TFTT/DAG performs throughout the year. Be advised that we can only provide MTT blocks for LEO/GOV and Military units.

Q – Sometimes I see on your calendar that the length of courses varies on MTT programs, such as the M4 Operator course is listed as a 4 day program in Los Angeles and only a 3 program elsewhere. What’s the deal?

A – Our Mobile Training Team blocks are structured by request from the sponsoring units and sometimes the duration varies but the pricing per day averages out to be equivalent of what you see posted on the home base courses. Any questions, call the office.

Q – If I am totally fat and completely out of shape, can I come to your classes?

A – NO![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Locations and Lodging
Los Angeles Area

This primary training site for TFTT is just outside of Los Angeles California. This site is the Burro Canyon Shooting Park located in the Angeles National Forest near Azusa.  Range house phone number is 626-910-1344.

If you are coming from the South, Take the 605 North to the 210 East.
From LA – Take the 10 East to the 605 North to the 210 East.
From Inland – Take the 10 West to the 605 North to the 210 East.

Take the 210 East to Azusa Ave. – turn Left (Or North)
Follow that up until it turns into HWY 39
Take HWY 39 to East Fork Rd. – (Approx. 9 miles) turn Right
A couple hundred yards up on the Left Hand Side – Is the Gate to the range.

For those attending classes at our LA facility, the following are recommended hotels.

Best Western: 626-915-1611
America’s Best Value Inn: 626-969-4221
Super 8: 626-969-8871 (Secondary

Sacramento Area

From Hwy 50 take Sunrise Blvd South to Jackson Hwy (Hwy 16).
Turn left toward Rancho Murrieta.
Take the Jackson Hwy 11.5 miles to Ione Rd.
Turn Right on Ione Rd and go approximately 4 miles to Miess Rd.
Turn Right on Miess Rd and go 1/4 mile to the entrance to the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.

There are several options for lodging in the Sacramento area.  The best option by far is the Hawthorne Suites. They have great rooms at a great price.

Hawthorne Suites: 916-351-9192
Best Western (Rancho Cordova): 916-635-4040 / 1-800-641-1076
Days Inn (Rancho Cordova): 916-638-2500