In October 2014 Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Office held a High Risk Operator School that was instructed by TFTT/DAG.  The primary instructor was Max Joseph.  This HRO School exceeded the expectations of the Sheriff’s Office personnel.  In the curriculum taught there was instruction on Two Man Team tactics, Room Combat, PSD, Vehicle Assaults and Patrolling.  The Two Man Team Tactics in my opinion is a subject all patrol officers need not just the tactical operators.  The whole course of instruction made the officers of the Sheriff’s Office better tactical operators, patrol officers and safer all the way around.  The instructor Max Joseph is a no nonsense instructor.  All practical drills done with live fire are done in the safest manner at all times.  His delivery of the information is made to where all involved will understand the lesson.  This is top notch training.  The Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Office will host another course of instruction with TFTT/DAG.
J.Dale Butler
Deaf Smith County Sheriff

“TFTT/DAG has been the primary organization we’ve used to equip our men with the combat skills necessary to operate in the current conflicts.  The training has allow our troops to conduct their field craft as Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators in hostile environments with the confidence that they can engage the enemy at any time.  Over the years of training with TFTT, our teams have transitioned into true combat enablers with the ability to reduce hazardous devices while simultaneously aiding our supported elements with combating the enemy – the skills you have provided this unit have been put to the test countless times in both conflicts.”
MSgt David Pinkham
Scott AFB Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team

“Our tactical officers that have attended the DAG/TFTT courses (CQB Tactics, Two-Man Team Tactics, Vehicle Engagement Tactics, SWAT Operations Tactics, etc.) during the past few years have been very pleased with the instructional staff in the manner in which they deliver the courses.  They have found the courses to be demanding, informational, engaging, and practical in regards to some of the high risk situations that we may encounter.”
Captain William Tyler
Tactical Unit Commander
Beloit (WI) Police Department

“From rookies to experienced operators, DAG/TFTT training will markedly improve the capabilities and confidence of your agency’s personnel. Max’s effective methods and tactics, coupled with a strong safety focus, will result in a high degree of uniformity across your agency. The common feature across all DAG/TFTT training is a core philosophy that will change your agency’s firearms culture for the better.”
John M. Ray, PhD
Executive Chief Deputy
Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

“My personnel have participated in weapons and tactics training annually with TFTT/DAG since 2002.  The TFTT/DAG staff are unmatched in their motivation to ensure that my EOD operators are expertly prepared for the full spectrum of CONUS and OCONUS EOD operations.  This training has been operationally  proven to increase the survivability of my personnel that have come under fire while deployed to Afghanistan.”
SMSgt Edward E. Smith
Superintendent 115 EOD
Madison, WI

“Eau Claire County SWAT team operators has been training with TFTT/DAG for several years now and we practice the concepts and methodology of TFTT religiously.  Max Joseph has developed procedures for tactics and safe operations that all SWAT operators should follow. Our Statewide ALERT teams have used TFTT and Max Joseph repeatedly to train high risk situations and snipers and have plans to continue in that direction.  Max is a highly motivated and qualified instructor that understands the contemporary needs of tactical officers and trains them to be their best when that counts the most.”
Rodney P. Stearns
Lieutenant, Field Services
Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office

This course far exceeded my expectations – it also raised my expectations for our firearms instructors.  TFTT/DAG set a bar of excellence that we will work hard to obtain. Realistic, effective, thought provoking.  All top Administrators need this training to better understand and support our officers.  Clear, concise, professional and needed for ALL officers. I encourage every Sheriff and Chief of Police to challenge their expectations and ultimately reduce their liability, by participating or sending a representative to participate in the Two Man Team Tactics course.  You have to recognize this training is available, or you are doing a disservice to your front line personnel and SWAT team.
Undersheriff Andy Zinke
McHenry County Sheriff’s office
McHenry Co, IL