Bullets & Burgers NorCal

The DAG Bullets & Burgers events have become a great success.  The NorCal event is hosted by our NorCal staff.  The day begins with a motivating pistol warmup & skill builders, then you’ll shoot 5 total stages of combat pistol challenges.  The challenges and combat course of fire are scored with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.  Various weapons systems are brought for weapons periods of instruction.  2017 featured the FN SCAR, Sig MPX, M1A, M4 & AK47.  2018 will include an equally impressive variety of weapons (and if you have something you’d like to bring out, email us).  We’ll have burgers on the grill, the newest swag & a great time had by all! 

1 Day – $100

Course Objective
  • Pistol warmup
  • Pistol combat challenges
  • Weapons POI’s various weapons
  • Weapons familiarity fire
  • Burgers!
Equipment Requirements
  1. Primary pistol
  2. 100 rounds ammunition
  3. Holster 
  4. Two spare magazines minimum
  5. Body armor (available for rent)
  6. Eye & ear protection
  7. Notebook & pen

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