The Combat Arts Seminar has always been our most anticipated event of the year. This is the most outstanding event for you to get the most out of your training dollar. The CAS allows you to experience first-hand why DAG is the industry leader in firearms and tactics training. This unique event gives the student the opportunity to receive 5 different classes taught by several different DAG instructors who gather together for this occasion.

Day 1 will begin with formation at 1400 and will carry on until 2200.
All remaining days will be 0800 formation with multiple events each day.

The classes taught will be as follows:

Low/No Light Battle

“Haunted Shoot house of Terror”

Gunfighter Diagnostics

“Shooting with speed and precision”

Vehicle Engagement Tactics

“Live fire vehicle engagement scenarios”

Mechanical/ballistic Breaching

“Geeting yourself into the stronghold”

Combat Course of Fire

“Intense live fire street scenarios”

Equipment Requirements

  • Pistol with magazines and duty gear
  • 600 rounds pistol ammunition
  • Flashlight with Spare batts
  • Eye Protection – day/night
  • Ear Protection
  • Notebook / Pen or Pencil
  • Body Armor Required (TFTT can provide if needed)

October 26 through 29


Burro Canyon Shoot Park

Azusa, CA


Guest Speaker – Chow and Drinks Provided – Prize Table – TONS of Free Gear and Kit!!

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Combat Arts Seminar Oct 11 - 14 Los Angeles, CA