Tactical pistol level 1 sets the foundation for all tactical pistol skill sets.  This course introduces you to the fundamentals of tactical / defensive shooting.  Tactical pistol 1 begins with a short brief on the pistol, the modern employment and in-depth safety procedures.  You will learn how to safely draw and shoot from the holster and continue to progress with a variety of drills throughout the day.  At the conclusion of the course you’ll also have an opportunity to shoot our scored evaluation to test your skill.

1 Day – $200

Course Objective
  • Tactical Presentations
  • Stationary Turns
  • Tactical Reloading
  • Kneeling Fire
  • Steel Shooting
  • Use of Cover
  • Combat Course of Fire
  • 3-20 yrd Scored Evaluation


Equipment Requirements
  1. Primary pistol
  2. 300 rounds ammunition
  3. Holster 
  4. Two spare magazines minimum
  5. Body armor (available for rent)
  6. Eye & ear protection
  7. Notebook & pen

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Close Quarter Pistol Oct 03 - 04 Sacramento, CA