Close Quarter Pistol is a high intensity shooting and tactics course that will dramatically change your response to a close quarter’s confrontation. CQP is designed to enhance an officer or operator’s threat response options in relation to the actions of suspects and combatants. This course is based on real world experiences from Military combat, Law Enforcement use of force and statistics found in LEOKA (Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted). 21 feet has long been recognized as a minimum safe distance between operators and combatants and training within this distance is often overlooked or not realistic.  CQP refines weapons retention, weapon take-away, and close quarter combative techniques designed to provide an operator the tools needed to survive and prevail in a close quarters confrontation. Both Law Enforcement agencies and Military units have specifically requested this DAG program; so whether you are a Police Officer or Military Operator this course should be on your training calendar.

2 – Day  $400.00

Course Objective
  • Safety
  • Extensive Close Quarter Shooting Drills
  • Close Quarter Combatives
  • TFTT’s 5 stages of escalation in relation to the pistol
  • Engaging near and far target transitions
  • Engaging surprise threats
  • Shooting on the move
  • Weapons retention, weapons take-away
  • Target identification
  • Mindset and Omni-Cognizant Awareness
  • Discussion of current industry operational and training standards
  • Military / Law Enforcement use of force and agency liability.
  • Combat course of fire
  • Qualification
Equipment Requirements
  1. Range uniform
  2. Duty Gear / Operator Kit / Concealment Gear Authorized
  3. Body Armor Mandatory
  4. Eye & Ear protection
  5. Pistol, 3 magazines, holster, magazine carrier
  6. 600 rounds ammunition
  7. Note taking gear
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Close Quarters Pistol Mar 20 - 21 Sacramento, CA