DAG’s pistol courses are well known and we have trained students of all skill levels.  These courses encompass skill levels from beginning to advanced and special operations capable.  You’ll learn safe handling, fundamentals, and marksmanship, and progress to demanding standards in our advanced pistol courses. 

These courses may be taken as a starting point or to enhance your existing skill.  We recommend you take pistol courses at least once a year to maintain your skill. 

Tactical Pistol I

The foundation of tactical pistol operations

1 day course

Tactical Pistol II

Intermediate techniques and skill building

1 day course

Tactical Pistol III

Advanced marksmanship and pistol operations

2 day course


Advanced Pistol Operator Course

Special Operations Capable

2 – 4 day course

Close Quarters Pistol

Close quarters gunfighting

2 day course

Advanced Pistol Workshop

1 day high intensity skill builder

1 day course