The Rifle is the number one weapon of choice both for both war fighters and SWAT officers for high level incident response. In the hands of a competent operator, the Rifle is without a doubt the most formidable weapon available. The DAG Tactical Rifle course was developed to give the student maximum time behind his weapon to achieve the utmost level of proficiency in the time allotted. The live fire drills are intense, realistic and physically demanding. When the student graduates this course, he will be confident and proficient in his marksmanship and weapons handling skills.

*NOTE* California residents are required to adhere to ALL California gun laws. Students who are clearly in violation of California law with be removed from course without refund.

1 – Day  $200.00

Course Objective
  • Zero / Confirmation of Zero
  • Stoppage Drills
  • Use of Cover
  • Speed Reloading
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Engaging Multiple Targets
  • Stationary and Moving Turns
  • Range Estimation – Hold Over / Hold Under
  • Transition Drills
Equipment Requirements
  1. Center-fire Semi Auto Rifle
  2. 3 Magazines with Carriers
  3. Ammunition – 150 rounds
  4. Pistol with 50 rounds (optional)
  5. Sling System
  6. Body Armor
  7. Eye/Ear Protection
  8. Notebook / Pen or Pencil

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Tactical Rifle May 11 Sacramento, CA