The traditional mechanical rifle, meaning; Lever, Bolt or Pump action is a highly underrated weapons system, it is still a very formidable and effective defensive weapon. The MAR course was developed to give the student maximum time behind his weapon to understand and achieve the utmost potential from his Rifle. When the student graduates this course, he will be confident and proficient in his marksmanship and weapons handling skills. (20 Hour Certificate provided upon successful completion)

2- Day $400.00

Course Objective
  • Zero / Confirmation of Zero
  • Extended Range Fire
  • Range Estimation – Hold Over / Hold Under
  • Engaging Multiple Targets
  • Use of Cover
  • Ballistics and Penetration Drills
  • Stationary and Moving Turns
  • Familiarization of Various MTR Weapons
  • Combat Courses of Fire
Equipment Requirements
  1. Rifle (Sling Optional)
  2. Ammunition – 250 rounds
  3. Prone Mat or Ground Blanket
  4. Pistol with 50 rounds (optional)
  5. Body Armor (DAG has armor for rent for $10.00 per day if you are unable to supply your own)
  6. Eye/Ear Protection
  7. Notebook / Pen or Pencil

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