October 11 – 14, 2018, Los Angeles, Ca (Burro Canyon Shooting Park).  $550.

The Combat Arts Symposium is the most anticipated event of the year, offering 3 days of training, a guest speaker and banquet with awards, all for the low price of $550.  This is a promotional event that serves as a thank you to our customers and clients, and allows you to experience first-hand why DAG is the industry leader in firearms and tactics training.  If you want the latest, most up to date TTP’s  from our widest variety of operational staff, you cannot miss this event!

The CAS features an extended, timed and scored Combat Course of Fire with prizes.  This is a prestigious and highly competitive event, and special recognition for the winners.

Our yearly DAG CORPS recognition is also held at the CAS.  The DAG CORPS recognizes our most dedicated students, in addition to our support staff.
Classes / Periods of Instruction (POI) / Live Fire

Active Shooter Response  This POI focuses on response to active shooter events, including methodology of active shooters and response capabilities from single to multiple officers.

Combat Clearance  Rapid response TTP’s for emergency assaults and CQB / room clearing in response to an active shooter event.

Tactical Casualty Care (TCC / TFA)  This course will teach you the life saving principles of self aid, buddy aid, START – simple triage and rapid treatment, and more.

High Risk Personal Protection  “HRP” teaches you how to detect and avoid danger, and how to respond to immediate or imminent threats. 

Close Quarters Pistol  “CQP” has long been one of our most popular courses, geared toward active shooter response for this Combat Arts Symposium. 

Scenarios and Combat Course of Fire  You’ll engage in challenging scenarios to deal with an Active Shooter event, and participated in the CAS Combat Match competition. 

Guest Speaker and Banquet  Always announced at the event, always a brief or subject matter that is highly relevant, timely and you won’t get anywhere else.  Previous guest speakers have included operational law enforcement and military personnel from across the globe.

All attendees will receive a DAG course certification and a 12 hour TCC (TCC / TFA) Active Shooter certification – CAEMSA certified AB1598 Active Shooter integration – 12 CE Hours. 


  1. Active Shooter Response
  2. Combat Clearance
  3. Tactical Casualty Care
  4. High Risk Personal Protection
  5. Close Quarter Pistol
  6. Scenarios & Combat Course of Fire
  7. Guest Speaker / Banquet

Equipment Requirements

  • Pistol with magazines and duty gear
  • 600 rounds pistol ammunition
  • IFAK Recommended
  • Eye Protection – day/night
  • Ear Protection
  • Notebook / Pen or Pencil
  • Body Armor Required (TFTT can provide if needed)

October 11 through 14


Burro Canyon Shoot Park

Azusa, CA


Guest Speaker – Chow and Drinks Provided – Prize Table – TONS of Free Gear and Kit!!


WE RECOMMEND YOU BRING YOU OWN IFAK, to learn about and be familiar with your kit.  This can be a life saving advantage.  We recommend the North American Rescue Intermediate Bleeder Kit. 

**All required TCC equipment is provided. **

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