Blades & Combatives

This 4 hour high-intensity module will introduce you to concepts of defensive use of Blades and also combative concepts employing the handgun. This is a hands-on non live fire course that will give you lifesaving tactical insight on how to best deploy the Blade and Pistol for close quarter engagements.

Location – Rifle Supply 16371 Gothard St. Unit G Huntington Beach, CA


Equipment Requirements
  1. Folding Knife
  2. Handgun / Holster – No Ammo or Magazines
  3. Clear Eye Protection
  4. Notebook / Pen
  5. High Level of Motivation
Course Objective
  • Blade Selection
  • Defensive/Offensive Presentation
  • Blocks and Strikes
  • Handgun Combatives
  • Control Techniques
  • Handgun Disarmament
  • Handgun Retention & Control