The Vehicle Engagement Tactics course has been developed in response to the great amount of requests from our clients for a program that focuses entirely on vehicle operations and live fire engagements. This is an intense course that gives the student maximum time in the vehicles with extensive real world live fire scenarios.

* All Vehicles provided by DAG

2 – Day  $460.00

Course Objective
  • Weapons Enhancement Skills – Pistol/Rifle
  • Tactical Vehicle Operations Basics
  • Techniques of Compartment Firing
  • Firing from Unorthodox Vehicle Positions
  • Shooting Into and Out of Windshields
  • Ballistic Fortification
  • Basic Motorcade Operations
  • High Threat Vehicle Embuss/Debuss Drills
  • Escape & Evasion Tactics
  • Survival Evasion / Escape Kits (SEEK)
  • Anti-Ambush Drills
  • Emergency Debussing Drills
Equipment Requirements
  1. Pistol with magazines and duty gear
  2. 300 rounds pistol ammunition
  3. Rifle or Sub-machinegun
  4. 4 Magazines with Carriers
  5. 250 rounds Long Gun ammunition
  6. Sling System
  7. Body Armor
  8. Gloves
  9. Eye/Ear Protection
  10. Notebook / Pen or Pencil

Note – Personnel may attend with a pistol only as their  primary weapon if they wish – ammunition requirements would then be 500 rounds pistol.

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Vehicle Engagement Tactics Jun 01 - 02 Los Angeles, CA