The SWAT Operations and Tactics course has been formatted to offer a wide variety of specialized tactics, techniques and procedures for today’s SWAT officer. This is a hands on program with very little classroom lecture involved. This course will present optimum trigger time and tactical scenarios for the students.

5 – Day  $900.00

Course Objective
  • Weapons Enhancement Training – Pistol/Long Gun
  • Close Quarter Battle Shooting – Pistol/Long Gun
  • Refinement of Individual Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Two Man Team Tactics
  • CQB Theory / Practical Application
  • Full Team Dynamic Structure Clearing
  • Ballistic Shield Tactics
  • Covert Entry for Barricaded Subjects
  • Deployment of Flashbangs
  • Low Light Battle (Where applicable)
  • Open Field Formations
  • Immediate Action Drills for Contact
  • Casualty Evacuation Drills
  • Vehicle Assaults
  • Target Intelligence Gathering
  • Mechanical and Explosive Breaching Overview –  (Theory and Practical Application where applicable)
  • Operation Orders
  • Operational Planning
  • Post Assault Procedures
  • FTX Scenario (Where applicable)
Equipment Requirements
  1. Rifle with Sling – Full Call Out Magazine Load
  2. Pistol with Hip or Leg Holster – All Magazines
  3. Body Armor (Helmet & Full Kit – Optional)
  4. Gas Mask
  5. Flashlight
  6. Eye Protection
  7. Note Taking Gear
  8. Long Gun – 400 rounds per man
  9. Pistol – 500 rounds per man
  10.  Two Flash Bangs (Recommended but not required)

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