This program has been structured to present the highest quality of instruction relating to marksmanship and operational Sniping. Includes both deliberate, long range precision fire skills, and mid to close range urban terrain operations. This course includes a great deal of range time, and also problem solving scenario situations, as those that may be encountered on an operation. Fieldcraft, and rural operations are also covered in – depth. This course is essential for your department / unit Sniper.

3 – Day  $600.00

Course Objective
  • Confirming Zero
  • Cold Bore Shots
  • Engaging Multiple Targets
  • Effects of Weather / Calling Wind
  • Moving Targets (Walkers and Bobbers)
  • Glass Shooting (Both Vehicle Glass & Lexan)
  • Hostage Scenario Drills
  • Open Air Options
  • Observation Exercises
  • Concealment Exercises
  • Extended Range Fire
Equipment Requirements
  1. Rifle with Scope
  2. Data Book
  3. 250 rounds quality ammo
  4. Bipod / Sling (recommended)
  5. Manuals for Rifle and Scope
  6. Prone Mat / Drag bag
  7. Eye & ear protection
  8. Binoculars
  9. Ghillie suit (optional)
  10. Spotter Scope (optional)

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