The Direction Action Group PSD / VIP course maximizes your proficiency by providing a blend of range work, classroom, and multiple venue final training exercise.  These all-encompassing skill sets are critical for the Protective Services Detail (PSD), Very Important Person (VIP), Executive Protection (EP) or Dignitary Protection roles.  Our cadre has worked in a variety of protective, and we have trained a diverse range of private sector security, military, and law enforcement personnel across the U.S. and worldwide.  This training module encompasses a wide variety of essential skills for personnel operating on a protective detail, and is regarded as one of the best short duration courses in the U.S.  We have worked VIP details in the most high-risk areas of the world, and we promise to give you the most up to date, cutting edge VIP training you will find anywhere.


*** Course objectives are found below.  Please note that military, law enforcement, and mission / client specific classes vary slightly in course objectives based on operational need and threat level.  

5 – Day  $900.00

Course Objective

  • Extensive Live Fire Counter Attack Drills
  • Organization of a Protective Detail
  • Walking Drills
  • Close Protection Drills
  • Advance Work
  • Explosive Device Recognition
  • Overseas Travel
  • Travel Security
  • Estate / Compound Security
  • Motorcade Procedures
  • Embuss / Debuss Procedures
  • Vehicle Drills
  • Counter Ambush Drills
  • Final Training Exercise

Equipment Requirements

  1. Handgun & holster
  2. 3 Magazines minimum
  3. Ammunitions – 500 rounds
  4. BDU’S or other normal dress for the range
  5. Concealment Garment (Like BDU Top)
  6. Concealment Holster (recommended)
  7. Body armor
  8. One suit & tie or sports coat & slacks with tie (For FTX)
  9. Flashlight
  10. Handcuffs
  11. Folding knife
  12. Eye / Ear Protection
  13. Recommended but not required – Laptop / GPS

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VIP/PSD Protection Jun 09 - 13 Los Angeles, CA

VIP/PSD Protection * Feb 04 - 08 EL Paso, TX

VIP/PSD Protection * Mar 31 - 04 Dallas, TX